TRK100 Personal Tracker - $249

TRK120 Asset Tracker - $299

TRK800 Commercial Tracker - $499

TRKBAT Rechargable Battery - $99

TRKHWK Hard Wire Kit - $59

TRKSUB Anual subscription per year after the first free initial year - USD $60

The purchase price of your Trackimo device includes the first 12 months subscription along with 10 Local or International emergancy TXT's per month.

After the first 12 months the Subsequent subscription starts from as little as USD $60.00 per year (only USD $0.16 per day) including 10 free International emergency TXT’s per month (higher TXT usage plans can be purchased for as little as USD $4.50 per month for 25 TXT’s).

The emergency TXT plans can be upgraded at any time based monthly packages USD$ 4.50 for 25 TXT’s, USD $6.95 for 50 TXT’s and USD $11.95 for 100 TXT’s.

Please see pricing for Enterprise Solutions and Fleet Management here