Buy Trackimo today. Feel peace of mind tomorrow.

Trackimo is the world's most compact and lightweight tracking device, Including GPS and International GSM SIM card, it can be used world wide- even to track your suitcase while traveling. Trackimo has a simple user set-up proccess and your first 12 month subscription is included in the initial purchase price.

Weight: 42 grams

Dimentions: L-37mm, W-40mm, H-17mm

Network Band: Quad gsm 850 / gsm 900 / dcs 1800 / pcs 1900

Battery: 600mAH Lithium-ion Battery

Battery Life: 48-96 hours (dependant on settings used)

Product Warranty: 1 Year

Trackimo gives you the ability to nominate up to 3 emergancy contacts to notify in case of emergancy- simply push the SOS Button

Included accessories such as Key chain, Velcro attachments, Magnets, Belt Clip, all allow you to secure your Trackimo device to different objects including People, backpacks, cars, bikes, Boats, Pets, luggage and so much more. the Trackimo device also includes a water resistant Silicon cover.

Trackimo is available in 3 variations:


Personal tracking for Children, the Elderly, Pets, Drones and Bicycles.


Tracking for Fleet, Taxis, Collectable Cars, Motorcycles, Farm Equipment, Boats.


Tracking for where remote power is not available e.g Shipping Containers, Heavy Equipment, Trailers.